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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Java Ro **ADULT** Bedroom Set

The brand new **adult** bedroom set I promised you several weeks ago is finally available! Due to game issues and later illness I was unable to do final testing on the set, which is what caused the dely - but I assure you, I did finally manage to get it all tested & fixed the 1 minor problem & now is working & ready for your Sims enjoyment!

So are you wondering why its called Java Ro? Simple....when I started making this set, it was at first just going to be a bed - and looking through all my textures with my terrible eyes, I picked this one particular texture which was brown with black lines - little did I realize until I completed one side of the bed was those black lines formed the shape of a steaming coffee cup. Hence the "Java" name. After completing the bed I decided to complete it with the addition of dressers, night tables, and so on - mainly because I never made an entire adult bedroom set - and because I couldn't decide on anything I liked from images to work with, I used partial images which I combined, plus hand-drew alot of it as well - hence the "Ro" for "rougue" lol.

The set consists of this marvoulous bed - which I cannot thank Claudia enough for allowing me to recolor/rexture & to not only use her animations for it, but also for allowing me to upload the animations to this group making it easier for all of you! Plus 3 dressers - 1 is a working dresser, the other two are bookcases drawn to appear like a Lingerie Chest type of dresser & single tall dresser, the night stand, desk, 2 sexy paintings, an old fashioned phone, romantic candle & giant cologne sculpture. You can find an image of this in the Bedroom Photo Album, and look to the bedrooms / java ro files folder/subfolder to download. Be sure to read all the read me files for proper installation instructions & enjoy!

Just a reminder this is an **ADULT** bedroom set - in other words there are things in this set that are improper for minors to see, which is why it is only available in the Adult (over 18) group. To join the group, you must be 18 or older & have your age listed in your yahoo profile or your membership will not be approved.



  • At May 2, 2008 at 5:52 AM , Blogger Doreen said...

    I have dowloaded this set as instructed but it does not show in game. Do you have it in other then RAR form? Thank you



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