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Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Victorian Furniture from Rougue

Can it be? Another new addition from Rougue in the same week? Yep it sure is! These two new pieces are something everyone can enjoy, no matter what your age! If you like Victorian styled furniture have a good look! Your simmies will be able to enjoy a brand new "Recamier" aka Love Seat, and a lovely new side table! These are both availabe in SFC Group 1 - in the Family Room files folder and if you need another look at the objects, check out the Family Room Photo Album. And if you don't have all Expansion Packs, don't worry, these two items don't need any!
Just a little caution, the Recamier shouldn't be put against walls, it does bleed through the wall in 2 views. I've done all I could to remedy this problem, but the object is as stubborn as a goat! However, it looks lovely in the middle of a room, so I couldn't keep it from you any longer!


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