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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Announcing the NEW Sims3Fanatics Home Page

Howdy! Howdy, Fellow Sims Fanatics!

This Sims3Fanatic is very pleased to announce the GRAND OPENING of our NEW Sims3Fanatics Community HOME page! This will become the MAIN HUB for all of the NEW Sims3 PAGES that are COMING SOON! I hope my fellow Sims3Fans will pay the NEW S3FC HOME page a visit to see what is new! I would love to have more friends on my Sims3 MyPage as I am sure will Rosie and Jukia, too! You will find the LINKS to those pages on the NEW S3FC HOME page! You can visit it here:


Also, I am pleased to announce the grand opening of the Sims3Fanatics Communities NEW Sims3Tutorials Section. We currently have 3 fully illustrated tutorials that are meant to help all of our Sims3 Friends to:

· How to Download Stuff to your USB PlumBob Flash Drive - by Val
· Cheat Codes and How to Use Them - by Val
· How to Share Your Sims3 Custom Content - by Val

I wrote these Tutorials for 3 of my Sims3 Friends in response to questions they asked me a few weeks ago. I figured that there are likely many Sims3Fanatics who need this help as well, so I put a lot of work into them to help even the most new Sims3Fanatic become confident in his/her abilities.

If you have written a Sims3 Tutorial and would like to share it with the S3FC you may submit it to me at valzgr8 at yahoo dot com. Please put ‘sims3fc submission’ in the subject line, or I might think it’s Spam and delete it without ever opening it. As always, you receive full credit for your own work! I welcome questions and comments at the email listed above.

Happy day, ya’all!
--Valzgr8 SimsFanatic
Co-Owner SFC
Co-Owner S2FC
Co-Owner S3FC

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