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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The new SFC Updates Blog

I have built us an update blog to make announcing updates easier! All it takes is for one message to be posted by any SFC staff member, (or other authorized Sims Fanatic), to send the news to all of the SFC pages that have the code. I will be assigning posting authorization to all SFC staff members, so they can post their updates there as well. I will also assign posting levels to other Sims Community owners, who are members of the SFC and would like to post their updates with us, after proper approval!

This new Update system is posted conveniently on all of the SFC pages that I maintain! I will also offer the code to Rougue and any other SFC members with a webpage who would love to have SFC updates on their pages as well!

You can view the Update Blog as a web page by visiting the updates link or by simply clicking on the ‘SFC Updates’ box located next to the SFC QickLaunch at the top of every SFC page I maintain.

Happy day, ya'all!


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