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Saturday, July 7, 2007

7.7.2007-Announcing ‘Heaven Simmed’, 'Rosie's Garden', and more!

7.7.2007-Announcing ‘Heaven Simmed’, 'Rosie's Garden', and more!

Howdy! Howdy, fellow Sims Fans!

Heaven Simmed

Today I am happy to announce the launch of a new Sims Fanatics Guest Page. Heaven Simmed, is a new SFC page that will provide custom Sims 1 Lots for Sims Fanatics. Be sure and show your support for our new SFC guests by stopping in today!

Rosemary’s Garden

Also, I have worked over the last week redoing Rosemary’s Garden for her, as she has recently released some fabulous new objects for your enjoyment. So, while your Sim Surfing today, don’t forget to stop by Rosie’s Garden and see what you find!

SFC Forums

Don’t forget that we have the not so new anymore SFC forums for SFC information. I, personally, prefer to post there over the Yahoo groups, as it has a better organization of the conversations in progress. We have a few wonderful Sims Fanatics there, who help us keep the conversations going.

If you need help getting into the forums, send me a note at valzgr8 at yahoo dot com. I’ll gladly help you set up your account. *smile* I love doing that! Helping people is the best part of living, don’t you think? Be sure that when you email me that you put SFC forum help in the subject line so I don’t mistake your email for spam and accidentally delete it without ever reading it!

Thank You

I wish to take a moment to honor some special Sims Fanatics.

Thank you to Teri, Lynnie, and Dana for regularly stopping in at the SFC forums, as well as the other Sims Fanatics who have stopped in and left us a post here and there. ALSO, thank you to Rosie, who constantly moderates the forums…to be sure that no questions go unanswered! Rosie has officially become a Sims Fanatics Community Staff member, this last week! Congratulations, Rosie and welcome to the team!

I also wanted to offer up a special thank you to all of the Sims fanatics, too numerous to mention by name, who helped answer some fabulous questions over the last weeks. OH…what the heck…let me give it a try…Thanks to Karin, Mel, Boo, Ginnie, Susan, Maeve-Oh golly…I know there are more of you…If I haven’t mentioned you by name, please forgive me…I’m and old lady with a short term memory and just know that sincerely, the Sims Fanatics Community appreciates all of you! After all…YOU are the Sims Fanatics Community- AND, You areGreat!)

Thank you, Gandalf/Bruce, for keeping on top of the membership applications and moderated posts! You’re a must have in our community!

And most of all, I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Thank you to Rougue, for all her hard work and dedication to the SFC!” We love you!

SFC Lots Explained

Announcing the SFC Lots Explained, page. A while back, some of our Sims Fanatics at the Forums had some good questions about lots and the differences between expansions. I answered the question in detail, but decided we needed a page to share that information with all Sims Fanatics in the community. So, I have put together a short page that has that information.

Be sure and pop into the new SFC Lots Explained, to get your Lots questions answered today!

SFC Updates

For those of you who have missed it, we have released a new update system for the SFC, by opening an update blog. You will notice on all the SFC pages that I maintain have boxes that provide the headlines to all the latest updates in that blog. You can click on any of the headlines to be taken to the blog where you can read that update. If you click on the heading ‘SFC Updates’ you will be warped to a page that has all of the latest updates listed…and this will catch you up on all the latest news here in the SFC.

Also, you can subscribe to the SFC update blog to get all of the latest SFC updates sent to your email. What a wonderful addition to our community!

Happy day, ya’all!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Some new added to my garden !

You'll find a kitchen set , some toys for your little simmies, some paintings...and much more !

see you in my garden !

Rosemary :0)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

7/1/2007 - New Splash Screens and Yak-Yaks!

Splash Screens Plus!
I have created for the Sims Fanatics another fine set of Splash Screens, designed for those who love the colors Red, White, and blue! Visit the Splash Screens Plus! page to get yours today!

Also, I have added a new set of Yak-Yaks, for the red, white, and blue fans who would like to throw a party for thier Simmies!
Happy day, ya'all!

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