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Friday, January 25, 2008

1.25.2008 --Announcing a NEW Sims2 Group, Gandalf's GreyHaven Moves, and Jukia has another surprise!!!

Announcing the NEW Sims2 Fanatics Community!

SFC staff members Rosemary and Gandalf, as well as other faithful SFC members, have expressed and interest in making Sims2 objects, we have decided it's time to build a Sims2 Fanatics community!

Well, I have built it and now all we need is for the Sims2 Fanatics to start joining and adding their creations to share! That said, I am now declaring the NEW Sims2 Fanatics Community YahooGroup!

Please keep in mind, friends, that it is brand new and as of yet there are not very many downloads. At this point in time, only SFC staff members Rosie and Gandalf are making Sims 2 objects. However, both have expressed an interest in developing more fabulous custom content, so let's all encourage them to follow their dreams!

Anyone interested in becoming a staff member for the new group, should contact me or Rougue!

I have added a shortcut to the new SFC YahooGroup QuickLaunch, so if you forget to bookmark it, you can always follow the Link on any of the SFC front pages to the YahooGroup QuickLaunch to get to the NEW Sims2 Fanatics Community!

Note: The NEW group will feature custom content for the Sims2, only!!!

Another SFC Page Moves!

As I am in the process of remodeling the SFC webpages, you will find that Gandalf's GreyHaven and all of his subpages have been moved. Please updat your bookmarks to reflect the changes so you won't miss out on any new Gandalf GreyHaven Goodies!

Jukia announces the release of a lovely new Single bed to match the complete the 'Heartfelt' Bedroom Set! Add it to your collection today!

Happy day, ya'all!--Val

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