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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fantasy Series & Rugs

Happy Day To You All! I hope the summer heat isn't getting you down, if it is, I have several backless fantasy themed paintings to help cool you off! There's 4 Fantasy Series Themed Sets in all - each comes with a variety of paintings with unicorns, fantasy worlds, beautiful horses & more. Visit SFC Photos Album to view all the photos of the paintings and Deco - Paintings Files Folder to download them.

But if your on the other side of the world where your experiencing the cold of winter right now, perhaps you might like some rugs to warm your toes? If thats the case - or even if your just looking to redecorate those floors of yours, we have a brand new YG just for you! Introducing the SFC Rugsgroup! This brand new group will archive all SFC rugs. So remember if your ever in need of a new rug visit our Rug Shop at the SFC Rugs!

Happy Simming All!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

My news

The day I uploaded my latest lot, I had a hard drive crash and had to re install my computer. I went back to XP and am probably going to stay with it. This is a perfect example, though, for following my saving your sims tutorial. A great example of what to not do. Since I forgot to save my walls directory, I have had to search for them on the net. So, please, don't follow my bad example.


Venice Beach and thensome....

For those of you Simmies out there who are looking to soak up the
sun, swim in crystal clear water, or just party all night long but
can only get a day or a few hours off from work, get ready for the
brand new public beach downtown! Venice Beach - aka downtown lot 28
has plenty of clean beach water your Simmies can swim in safely,
catch a tan. Shop for the latest swimsuits or nightclub wear, enjoy
a burger at the Holly Wood Diner - or a super yummy donut at the
Krispy Kreme's Cafe, play at the Black Mamba Arcade by day, and
Dance the night away at the Black Mamba night club - or simply relax
and get pampered at the Putoshan Haven Spa.

All this and more could be yours - all you have to do is download
the Venice Beach lot 28 by Rougue and be sure to have all you need
for the lot to fully load and max out the fun!

To see some picture's of this lot click here.

To see the shopping list (amazing short for a lot I made lol) click here.

I've also posted pictures of the neighborhood maps in the Estates Group to make it a bit easier for you guys to see where on the maps each house/lot is located.

How's the Holly Hobbie Bedroom Setcoming along? So far I have two night stands(end tables) completed, one of the two dressers I plan is complete, several walls and an area rug completed. The bed however - still giving me some trouble. Seems that the children would prefer to sleep with only part of the blanket covering their little bodies - making it awfully silly looking! To see pictures of all this, just click on the linked words.

Thats all for now. Happy Simming Everyone!

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