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Friday, June 29, 2007

Independence day objects

Yesterday, June 28, I uploaded my set of patriotic objects for the Independence Day vacation Lot #46. My planned release date is July 1st, however as soon as I hear back from my testing partner I will release the Lot.

All American Dreams Home

The All American Dreams home is now on the market. Lot number 63 is a spacious 3 bedroom home with plenty of room to add on to accomadate joyous new additions to the family.

Ammenities to this home include a large inground pool, central heat/air, fireplace in the family room, 2 large bathrooms, a huge covered porch off the master bedroom, a large eat in kitchen/dinette, a game room, a private jacuzzi out back, a fish pond, plenty of windows to provide the home with plenty of light & above all affordable at only $139,341. The home is completely furnished - but not cluttered - after all, your Sims will want to add his or her own touches!

For a full tour of this lovely home, visit The All American Dreams Album. And if this looks like the type of home your in the market for, be sure to visit the offices of the SFC Estates - All American Dreams division to fill out all the proper paper work & make this dream home your dream home!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Mushroom bedroom set ! now available

Hello Everyone !

I wanted to let you all know that you can now find, on my SFC guest page, my bran new creation : The Mushroom children bedroom set !

This colorful and mushroom themed bedroom, is entirely made using Anim8tor, my favorite 3D program !

Of course, I used as a base, the cheap burgundy single bed...but added some room scrore, energy, comfort ...and a headboard/footboard ! :0)

Please note that the table and the lamp cabinet requires Living Large.

The coat peg dresser, and the bed are only to be used by children, but anyone can tuck-in !

Stop by anytime !
the mushroom children are anxious to meet, and greet you !

Rosemary :0)

6/28/2007 Announcing Updates!

Rosemary's Garden

Rosie has created an exceptionally cute new set for your Simmie children! (previously released in the gift section of the SFC Forums)

Visit Rosemary's Garden to add the precious new "Mushroom Set", which includes a bedroom set and jammies for your Sims-children, to your collection.


A special thank you to SFC Staff member Rosemary, who sent me the HotDate LoadLoop. Now you have 5 LoadLoops to choose from for your Sims 1 customization! Visit the Splash Screens Plus! page to learn more!

Happy day, ya'all!

Update to Group 1

A little update to group 1. I have a few new building supplies for you. Sticking with the white theme that I seem to be so fond of most recently, I have a white wood door frame, interior door and Windsor style window for you. In Addition I also have a new set of pool rugs for you as well to give your Simmies pool a whole new look - the Crystal Clear Pool Rug Set. You'll be able to find these in the group under the build mode and the outdoor/for the pool files folders if you'd like to download them.

And don't forget tomorrow I'll have a brand new home for your Simmies in the Estates Group. If you'd like to get a head start on the shopping list, click here to get a peak at it! Happy Simming Everyone!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rougue's Independance Day Update

I've just uploaded my little Independance Day creations for you in the gifts groups! What I have for you is some swim suits for the whole family, an comfy stylish outfit for women to wear as well. Plus a patio set, a Flag for your Simmies pool, plenty of rugs, walls and a floor.

And if that's not enough, I am working on a little "American Dreams" home, all decked out in Patriotic furnishings for your Simmies pleasure. This home will be available in the
Estates Group by or before Friday.

Happy Simming Everyone!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

4th of July

On sunday I will be releasing 2 Independence Day themed lots. One is a Vacation lot and the other is a Downtown lot. The lots will be released on SFC Estates.

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The new SFC Updates Blog

I have built us an update blog to make announcing updates easier! All it takes is for one message to be posted by any SFC staff member, (or other authorized Sims Fanatic), to send the news to all of the SFC pages that have the code. I will be assigning posting authorization to all SFC staff members, so they can post their updates there as well. I will also assign posting levels to other Sims Community owners, who are members of the SFC and would like to post their updates with us, after proper approval!

This new Update system is posted conveniently on all of the SFC pages that I maintain! I will also offer the code to Rougue and any other SFC members with a webpage who would love to have SFC updates on their pages as well!

You can view the Update Blog as a web page by visiting the updates link or by simply clicking on the ‘SFC Updates’ box located next to the SFC QickLaunch at the top of every SFC page I maintain.

Happy day, ya'all!

SFC Custom Yak-Yak Collection


Thankfully, Gnohmon formerly of Livin’ it Up, now a retired Simming Site, has kindly given me permission to recolor and reshape his incredible Yak-Yak! I had been working on several earlier this year, when unfortunately I had a puter crash that caused me to lose several Simming projects I had going, leaving me with little alternative but to start over.

After several weeks of having only spare moments to work on any of my projects, I finally got the finishing touches done on the Yak-Yak collection I started so long ago. I am so delighted to announce the launch of my new Sims Download page, the 'SFC Custom Yak-Yak Collection'!
If you want to know more about these, please surf on over to the new addition and start your collection today!

Happy day, ya'all!


Splash Screens Plus!


This is a project I had in the works for close to a year, now. I put it on the back burner, when my computer crashed forcing me to do a reformat of my puter.

The project got a new dose of energy when Gandalf sent me a nifty Splash Screen he had made and wanted to share with the SFC. Thanks to him, I put forth the extra effort to finish the Splash Screens Plus! Page!

In addition to custom Splash Screens for your Sims 1 game, you will also find LoadLoops to help you further customize your Sims to your perfect taste!

Happy day, ya'all!

SFC Val’s Downloads


I love custom content for the Sims 1. Because of that addiction I have personally started creating both objects and skins for my game. I know that there are lots of other gamers out there who are like me, so I have decided to share my things with those of you who might enjoy using them in your game!

This page is my Sims Home that will provide update information and shortcuts to all of my SimPages for your downloading fix and to my tutorials that can teach you something new and fun to do with your Sims 1 game! You will also find a shortcut to my SFC FAQs page that addresses some of the most common Simming questions that come up in the Simming community.

I hope you enjoy your visit! Questions, suggestions, and comments are always welcome!

Happy day, ya’all!

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Blog for Quck Updates!

I want to add a blog to my SFC Downloads Home, so that those who want to know about my updates can simply subscribe to my blog for quick updates!

This post is to test my new blog!

I hope it works!

Happy day, ya'all!

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