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Thursday, February 14, 2008

2.14.2008 Announcing the Launch of 3 NEW SFC pages!

Howdy! Howdy, fellow Sims Fans!

Today, I am announcing 3 new pages being added to the SFC!
The SFC Portal Company
I am working on a few new doors to add some variety to our choices of Doors and Windows! My first set is done, and ready for download! Head on over to the SFC Portal Company, and get the SFC Elegant Door to add to your Sims 1 collection today!

The SFC Apartment Collection
Oh, ya! I am a huge fan of Inge Jones Simlogical objects! I have been making apartment objects for a while, but a computer crash this last summer left me discouraged because I had lost a lot of my projects! I hate it when that happens.


That’s okay, though! I finally found some time to start some of my projects over, and now the SFC is ready to launch our very own collection of objects that are Simlogical-ized! Oh ya!

*does the happy jig*

Apartment objects and doors!
Bathroom Doors!
4-Key Doors!
Ultimate Target Doors!

The first set I made is an apartment set made to match Jukia’s Sunflower Mania!

I have also
Simlogicalized my newest Door collection for other Simlogical fans who want more variety for their Apartments!

I hope someone out there will enjoy them as much as I do!

Visit the SFC Apartment Collection today!

The SFC Installation/Uninstallation Guide
I have been asked fairly frequently how to install and/or uninstall some custom content for the Sims, so I thought maybe the SFC might benefit from a guide that answers the most common questions asked.

Launched today, is a detailed guide on how to install and/or uninstall various forms of custom content for the Sims 1!


Visit the SFC Download Installation/Uninstallation Guide today!

I hope you all enjoy the new additions to the Sims Fanatics Community! Don't forget to bookmark your favorites!

Happy day, ya’all!--Val


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