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Friday, January 4, 2008

1.4.08 Jukia's Creations Presents the Sunflower Kitchen Set

Hello there! My name is Jukia and I am a little new to the Sim-ing community. My first addition to the Sims Fanatics Community is the Sunflower Mania Kitchen Set. Enjoy!

Jukia's Creations

1.4.2008 A Splashscreen gift from Antimorph!

Announcing a fabulous little UK splashscreen made for the Sims Fanatics Community, a generous gift from Antimorph! Thank you friend!

We have a US version of this nifty gift, as well! So, head on over to the SFC Splash Screens Plus page and download your favorite today!

Happy Day, Ya'all!

1.4.2008 - Announcing the SFC Heavenly Simmed Update!

Howdy! Howdy, fellow Sims Fans!

This is your friendly Sims Fan, Valzgr8, happy to announce (finally) an update to Dana and Ken's 'Heavenly Simmed'. They have been ready to update since this last summer, but I have been unable to make the changes to their webpages due to real life circumstances. I wish to thank both Dana and Ken, as well as all of the SFC for their support and patience!

Now, before my batteries go completely dead in my wireless keyboard, let me add that Lot collecting Sims Fans should warp to 'Heaven Simmed' to grab all five of their fabulous new additions to the downloads page!

Have a happy day, ya'all!

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