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Friday, September 28, 2007

Gandalf's Updates!

Gandalf has made some fine Maxis matching fireplaces that are litely hacked to light up at 6:00p and go out at 6:00a Simmie time! These fireplaces will not cause fires! NICE! Download them individually or in one file!

Back in June/July, Gandalf released a lovely red, white, and blue BedSet. Now you can find it on his Objects Webpage! Get them 1 piece at a time, or download them all in one file! I love it when that happens!

Learn how to use the Lot Manager to back up and save your favorite Sims 1 Lots!

Howdy! Howdy, fellow Sims Fanatics!

I've been busy this summer, with various real life things! *smile* It's hectic here in my part of the world, but I have finally managed to get Gandalf's Updates finished! I'm so glad that people are patient and understanding! That said, I hope you enjoy Gandalf's fabulous new goodies!

Please let me know if you find any broken links on Gandalf's Updated Pages! Thanks for your help!

Happy day, ya'all!


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