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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lots of New Things

Its been a while since some new things have been release, but I assure you, the Sims Fanatics Community has not been abandoned for the Sims 2 or 3. I'm still creating here and there for the Sims 1, but my time is very limited. But today I do have a few new things which hopefully will make up for lost time. Starting with a recolor of one of my favorite Sims Makin Magic Ovens - the love C&C Enterprise's Baker's Oven. A while ago I needed a black oven to match a black kitchen set I was using, unable to find one that matches properly, I decided to recolor the C&C one - and just didn't get around to releasing it to you until just now.

Next is a set of new rugs inspired by a digital scraps Alpha set. The Pink Alphabet Rugs are available in every letter A - Z. Create whatever words you like with them. Don't worry guys, someday I will make a more masculine version of this.

And finally new additions to a set I've been working on and releasing pieces of here and there - the Caffe Latte Cafe. The new additions include several "Cafe" Paintings, 5 coffee drinks - which are cloned from the Around The Sims all surface hot drink's base. These are basically glasses filled with unique Cafe Style Beverages. I've also hacked this object further to increase the fun, comfort and energy - to make them more like typical cafe drinks. There's also a little Sidewalk Specialties Board, and 3 different cafe tables.

There's a few more new releases, 3 more new rug sets - the Madeira Onyx Set, Mindre Lapis Set, and Midnight On The Edge Set. All three rug sets include all rug sizes. You can find these and the Alphabet Rugs in the Rug's Group

All other new objects maybe found in the main SFC Group Enjoy!


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